What’s Your Name? BESTIE

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Shout out to all the branding nerds out there – this segment is for you (and me because I’m one too). In our first What’s Your Name, Emma Lyell – fellow hospo kid and co-owner/operator/qween b of Bestie cafe in St Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland – responds to questions I already knew the answers to because she’s hospitable like that.

bestie menu

How many other contenders were there for names before Bestie? There were soooo many! I think choosing a name was the hardest bit of all and probably caused the most controversy out of everything we did –  even more than painting the walls peachy!

One name that we liked was Wiz (after our cat and of course, Harry Potter) but that got crushed by one statement from none other than Mr Sean Burns (ex-boss and Napier restauranteur) who said ‘oh like, taking a wizz on K Road!?’  Which was a fair point.

From there it was  on to Luna, Potter (seeing a wizard theme here!?) and something to do with ‘Uncle Kev’ but they just didn’t feel quite right. Finally we settled on ‘Personal Best’.

This was meant to be a little play on words and a theme, as we are both very much not competitive people. We thought it was a cute name and I loved the association with those little ribbons you get when you win something and also just a little bit of a joke. But after some MAJOR critical feedback we decided to shorten it. When we decided on Bestie it felt like a lightbulb moment! So perfect for us – short and sweet.

bestie takeout cups

What exactly was it about the word “bestie” that made it so clear this was the name for your business? I think it was really just the way it fit into everything perfectly. We wanted to be a place to go with your bestie and hopefully be your local. We liked the way it looked and felt. 

My main thing is that I can’t handle it when places take themselves too seriously, so it had to be playful.

 What do you think of when you hear the word Bestie and what do you hope your clientele think? I think that it feels really cozy and friendly! I really do have so many of my besties (new and old) coming in and for me it feels like a second home so the name suits.

I can’t speak for the clientele but I hope they feel welcome and that it’s a fun place, like going to a friend’s house but with table service!

And for those who don’t like us or what we are doing it’s easy enough to change the name to ‘beasties’!! Actually that’s our plan for Halloween!

bestie cafe outsideHow did you come to choose the font and colours for your logo? Tane (boyf and co-owner/operator) did up a shortlist of fonts and we chose from those. Colour wise it’s always been peach for me with the deep green to stop it from going full girly. Also we are pretty plant obsessed so that just ties in easily. The aim is not to have too many different colours happening.

bestie menus

How important are fonts to you? Pretty up there ’cause first impressions right? I have been planning to have my own cafe or bar forever so I had a clear vision of how I wanted those things to look. Because Tane and I have quite a similar style and vision (and he’s a designer) it all came together super easily. I’m no font nerd, but I hate things that aren’t necessary so I like very simple easy to read styles.

How do you feel about comic sans? I have strong feelings against comic sans because I’m not 10.

Images via Bestie FB / Instagram with a couple from these two lovely ladies ❤️

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