My Happy Place: Ella O’Dowd at CRAZY GOOD

Ella O'Dowd at Crazy Good

We started coming here on a regular basis when Gus (son) was 3 – 4 months old. As soon as he started getting fussy Ryan (barista/manager) would pick him up, take him by the coffee machine, chill him out, show him the buttons, everything.

I think making coffee while I was pregnant set Gus in good stead for being calm around the machine, the grinder, and the noise, so now he loves it. To this day Crazy Good (Ahuriri) is one of Gus’ favourite places to go. He just feels at home and Ryan’s so awesome with him. I consider him a mate now as well. Ryan’s a dude.

Today I’m drinking turmeric because I’ve had coffee overload. Usually I drink a regular flat white. Ryan nails it every single time. I love Origin Earth milk and sometimes I feel like an easier blend so Firsthand is perfect for that. I can do four coffees in a day no worries but I’m trying to be a bit conscious about it.

Usually I meet up with my friend Elizabeth who works at Wright & Co. We have a bit of a natter, generally a couple of coffees, an almond croissant and then a takeaway coffee to go down to the park. That’s the other great thing about this place. When Gus does start getting a bit annoying – you can put that in there, ANNOYING – we can just go for a walk to the park because its right there.

I think if you start taking kids out to places like this from a young age then they’re going to have respect for places like this later on.

Gus knows that he cant run around and scream. It’s good training for Gus. No doubt he’s gonna be a hospo kid through and through.

We just saw like, four regulars. Oh Napier – everyone’s here. I do like the fact that when I come in I see some of my regulars and we have a bit of banter about the fact that they’re here because I’m not at Smith’s or sometimes they come here because I am at Smith’s.

I like that our regulars are regulars at lots of different places because Napier is so small and it’s really hard in hospitality. We need people to be supporting everyone. I really like supporting small businesses. I know that Al’s (Al Borrie, owner of Crazy Good, Firsthand Coffee, and Box Espresso) got a young family as well so I want to support him.

As told by Ella O’Dowd, manager at F.G. Smith Eatery / eatdrinksharehb

2 thoughts on “My Happy Place: Ella O’Dowd at CRAZY GOOD

  1. I absolutely love this!!! People empowering people. Well written, I can hear Ella’s voice! I’m a fan of both establishments and think this article is a great wee read!


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