FEED Grills: Delaney Mes Part 2

I quiz Delaney Mes on her favourite consumables, asking the hard questions such as: what’s your preferred hot sauce and how do you feel about Hawaiian pizza? The answers will shock and surprise you.

Spoiler alert: She’s TEAM PINEAPPLE AND PROUD (as am I for the record).

Watch Part 1 here and find out how a little food blog in the capital became a television segment, writing for magazines, being flown around the world and most importantly, legitimate morning drinking.

Check out recipes, travel stories, and more from Delaney at her website. Her social media is pretty slick too. Last but 100% not least (in fact, it might be the most), Delaney’s Snapchat is THE SHIT. She taught me everything I know. On that note, follow FEED on Snapchat too. Are you on mobile? Those links will take you to the app and add us there! It truly is a wonderful time to be alive.

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