White Girl Mukbang Easter Edition

It’s not really mukbang, she’s not fully white, and Easter’s almost over but we don’t give a fuck. Miyuki chows down on six locally sourced free range hot cross buns and shares the results.

See below for Miyuki’s exceptionally loose recipe for a boozy breakfast milkshake.

Boozy breakfast shake:

3 scoops ice cream
1 cup strong coffee
1 cup milk
90mls booze

Chuck in a vessel, blend, chug.

NB: Use any ice cream you want that’s not fruity or bitty. If you’re a rich bitch and have an espresso machine (or if you’re at work with access to one), sub the one cup of coffee for two double shots of espresso. Bourbon is great with milky sweet things but any old moonshine will do.

This recipe/guideline serves two moderate drinkers, one booze hag, or four lightweights.

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