My Happy Place: Jamie Buckley at THE ROSE

Jamie Buckley at The Rose Irish Pub

We’re at The Rose Irish Pub (Napier). We’re here for a number of reasons – they have delicious Guinness, it’s Sunday, and on a wintery Sunday at this time of night this is a very happy place to be.

I went right through Catholic schools so somehow there’s an affinity there with the Irish and somewhere on my Dad’s side there’s an Irish connection so there’s some sort of ancestral throwback coming through to a hungering to drink Guinness. It’s quite a warm kind of glow you know – have three or four and you’re nice and relaxed. And full.

This spot in particular is close to where I’m living so it means that I can walk home. Now with the drinking limit lowered you can’t really take any chances. Especially in our industry – I’m super conscious of that so coming down here is key because I can walk and it’s free. 

The food is super simple. I got bangers and mash tonight. I just love bangers and mash eh. That and burgers. Just real basic meaty filling carbs. We didn’t really grow up like foodies. The kind of thing we grew up doing as kids with family was all getting together, you go to your aunty’s and have burgers and that was a big deal. These kinds of places just feel really comfortable, like what you’re used to.

You’re not going to find any life in winter on Sunday in the bay really anywhere but here. There’s these guys – one of the best kept secrets in the bay I reckon – The Bold Decievers. They play from 6pm – 8pm every Sunday. This stuff’s going back down the generations of stories and legends and culture and they’re banging it out right here. I like music so it’s nice to come down here and get a little dapple on and if anyone’s visiting on a Sunday at this time I’ll bring them here because it’s just got some nice energy.

The whole man cave kind of thing fits into the Irish theme so you’ve got gambling and pokies – I like to have a dabble, it’s fun. My mum likes it so when she comes to visit I bring her here, we drink and we play.  And then dad likes pool – there’s pool tables here as well. You’ve got sport on the TV, if there’s important things on like the NBA finals or random stuff going on you can come down here and ask them to chuck it on. 

If you look around the whole place its pretty well put together as a concept. I like the way its all divided up so you can hide in a corner. I pretty much never see anyone I know here which is kind of funny. You’re talking to people all the time at work and you walk around and you know people everywhere you go but somehow here I don’t bump into people. It’s totally underground.

As told by Jamie Buckley, manager of Mexi Mama